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However, although strangers usually only get one chance to cross a Scorpio, friends are excused from time to time. It's that Scorpio loyalty again.

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You'll have to pay; probably with interest for the time they have spent waiting to even the score. Scorpios love the sea and prefer stormy or turbulent seas to tranquil waters. Standing at the edge of a cliff overlooking turbulent seas seems to refresh them, and they are usually fearless where danger is concerned.

Relationships : Scorpios prefer strong partners. Emotional strength is tested thoroughly before a Scorpio trusts deeply.

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Upon meeting a partner for the first time, a Scorpio person often knows how strong they are emotionally, yet despite this they still feel the need to test their partners before they let their guards down. Deeply passionate people, Scorpios are not ideal partners for those who desire a comfortable, peaceful relationship. Disliking any type of weakness in others, Scorpios are likely to push their partners to overcome their weaknesses, which can be an obstacle to intimacy. However, pursuing a relationship with a Scorpio is usually worth the effort.

Sex for Scorpios is about a meeting of souls, and this deep intimacy can show their partners levels of themselves they had not previously realised. For those who approach sex as a sensual act, a Scorpio partner could prove intimidating, however.

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Having a relationship with a Scorpio can be like taking the fastest, most challenging ride at the fairground. It is a challenge worth pursuing. The typical Scorpio is jealous, although they may not show it in any obvious way.

It is inadvisable to cheat on a Scorpio partner, as these people have a way of instantly knowing when something is wrong. They usually find out about an affair and they are apt to get even, as in the case of Blair and Anita Health : Scorpios are prone to problems with the nose, the adenoids, the sex organs, the bladder and the bowel. In their later years, Scorpio women may need surgery owing to problems with their reproductive organs. Negative Scorpio : When negative, Scorpios can turn their stings out towards others or in on themselves.

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When they turn inwards, any anger or resentment is suppressed, leading to depression or passive-aggressive behaviour. When turned outwards, the Scorpio sting can be lethal. The negative Scorpio can display an unusually well-developed appetite for sex, drugs and alcohol.

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Your partner will appreciate this a lot. Financially, you need to be a bit smarter. No more eating out for you, Scorpio! You might receive a very interesting and informative business related call today. However, if you have had problems in the past with generalized anxiety, you should contact your therapist today. As a Scorpio, not many people know your true feelings. Try to be more open about your life, at least towards the people that you love.

If you are, make sure that you have travel insurance. Your lucky numbers are going to be 59, 33, 21, and 6 today. Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, is sending you good vibes. There are some tensions so planning a nice date night is not a bad idea. Single Scorpios should stay away from their exes today. Set more money aside in your savings account. Some muscle pains will bother you but with the correct warm ups and stretches you will feel much better.

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A promotion is likely near the end of Key Highlights: Scorpio, your horoscope depicts an average financial condition till March. Control your expenses. Chances of sudden gains seem likely after March Investments made now in land or home decoration would be profitable. Scorpio, your horoscope warns against possible stress due to money related issues after May. Relief seems likely after September The period around September looks good for investing in share market.

Scorpio, avoid loans from May to September Monetary gains are on the cards for you, Scorpio near the end of Remain calm and talk softly with your partner. Scorpio horoscope speaks of an old love interest coming back to you somewhere between July and September. However, starting a romantic relation with them is not advisable. If looking to get married, a friend might help you tie the knot around mid Scorpio Health Horoscope — Drive Carefully Scorpio, horoscope brings mixed results for your health.

Key Highlights: With the start of , you may have to spend on your wellbeing, Scorpio. Scorpio horoscope warns you against possible blood related problems like blood pressure etc. Take care. Key Highlights: Scorpio your horoscope depicts a possible expensive travel abroad after March This journey seems non-profitable and might be stressful.

Your horoscope shows a debilitated Mars transiting your 9th house from 22nd June.

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Avoid taking a long journey during this time. If on a pilgrimage, speak softly and stay away from arguments with anyone.

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Chances are that you might travel to a foreign land in order to meet someone around the end of , Scorpio. Key Highlights: Scorpio, your horoscope indicates issues with family members might prevail till mid Be patient and calm in your approach. Your horoscope depicts possible lack of focus for your kids near mid Their results might suffer due to stress. Scorpio, your children might win prizes at school in sports near the end of Support and encourage your children to participate and perform well in extracurricular activities.