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Virgo: Your daily horoscope - October 08

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You simply need to slow down. Horoscope for after tomorrow. What about your Decan today?

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The moon is in Aquarius, in position 27 degres, 02 minutes : Humanitarian atmosphere, fraternal, controlled emotions, sudden and brilliant ideas but obstinacy. First decan 23rd August to 3rd September Your capacity to be everywhere at once is great. Second decan 4th September to 13th September You listen to what others ask of you, and if you have children or teens around you, you will have to have patience and willing to teach.

Third decan 14th September to 22nd September Reticently and delicately, you will intervene in a tense discussion. Feng Shui: Organize your daily life in balance!

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  • We know quite well the design principles and Feng Shui-inspired decor but a little less application in the reserved area of the kitchen. Your email address will not be displayed nor used, it only serves in case of abuse. Your fiery temper could get you into trouble today.

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    You need to learn to control your anger if you don't want to make enemies. Your partner's career choices are starting to cause tensions in your home life.

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    • Daily Virgo Horoscope, Wednesday, 9 October 12222!
    • You'll accuse them of all sorts today including putting their career before the needs of you and your little family. Could it be that you're secretly jealous of their high flying job? Add Sidebar Widgets.

      Virgo Horoscope Predictions For Love, Career & Money

      Tomorrow's horoscope forecast for the zodiac sign Virgo. Get your Mood, Love, Career and Wellness horoscopes for tomorrow. In Relationship The negative impacts of the Moon are making you want to ask your partner to pack their cases and leave today. Single You're getting plenty of attention at the moment but no-one in particular has set your heart racing.